International Technologists

Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists (IEMLTs) undergo various levels of training in order to obtain the credential to practice their profession in their home country. The Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (SSMLT) has been mandated to ensure that the public is protected by ensuring a minimum professional standard is obtained in order to be issued a License to Practice the profession in Saskatchewan.

In order to practice as a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) in Saskatchewan, individuals must hold a valid and current License to Practice issued by the Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (SSMLT). The process that must be followed to obtain a License to Practice is detailed below. All steps must be completed and all documentation must be submitted with the License Application. Failure to submit the required documents will result in delays in issuing a License to Practice.

In this section, you will be provided links to additional information in the form of external websites or SSMLT reference documents. These links should be read in conjunction with this document.

The following steps must be completed in the order presented. A separate checklist is provided for your convenience.

  1. Contact the SSMLT by phone or email to discuss your intent to practice as a MLT in Saskatchewan.      If contacting by email, include your CV, a copy of the transcripts and or diploma from the educational institution from which you graduated your MLT program.

         Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
         Phone: (306) 352-6791

         During this interview, a preliminary assessment may be made of your possible eligibility to
         obtain License to Practice in Saskatchewan. You will also be advised of additional steps
         that may need to be taken to enhance your ability to be issued a license. 

  1. Obtain a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) from the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS). The CSMLS is the national certifying organization for MLTs in Canada. The CSMLS has a number of documents on their website that provide detailed information on what documents are required to complete the PLA and their process. These can be found by selecting the “International Technologist” menu item on the CSMLS website,
  1. When submitting your PLA application to  the CSMLS you must request that the PLA results are also forwarded directly to the SSMLT. If they are unable to provide this service, the SSMLT will require that you submit an original of the PLA Report you receive with your license application.

NOTE:     If your report determines that you are not equivalent to the Canadian National Standard, do not abandon the license application process. You may be eligible for a Provisional License to Practice in Saskatchewan.

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that the SSMLT has received your PLA report. This can be done by contacting the SSMLT once you receive your PLA report and verifying the SSMLT has also received it. Once the SSMLT has received your PLA report, they will review it to determine if you are eligible to be issued a License to Practice and in which category. Allow up to one week for the SSMLT to review the report once you have confirmed they have received it.
  1. Contact the SSMLT by phone or email to discuss your options. A number of options may be open to you and it is important that you determine the best and most appropriate career path for you. If you decide to pursue a License to  Practice as a MLT you will be required to eventually write the CSMLS  National Certification Examination. To become eligible to write the CSMLS exam may require refresher or upgrading education be undertaken. Information regarding this refresher or upgrading will be provided in your PLA report. A number of educational institutions provide onsite upgrading or bridge training such as the Michener Institute.  Others provide distance learning (correspondence) options such as the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science  and Technology. Other approved sources for refresher/upgrading/bridge courses and training are available in the Learning Plan section CSMLS website in the “Knowledge Gaps” paragraph.
  1. If you are eligible to be issued a Provisional License, you must submit a completed Licence Application to the SSMLT. Ensure all documents require and requested on the Licence Application form have been submitted to the SSMLT or accompany the application. Once the SSMLT receives the completed Licence Application, application fee and licence fee they will process the application.
  1. You will receive a letter from the SSMLT indicating the category of licence being issued to you and any conditions that apply to your licence.

Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you also complete the Orientation to Canadian Healthcare Systems, Culture and Context course from the University of Toronto and submit your transcripts to the SSMLT when applying for your licence. This course can be completed at any stage of the licensing process prior to submitting your application for a Licence to Practice. It may also be completed prior to your arrival in Canada.

If it is determined that you are “not equivalent” and must complete a Canadian Medical Association accredited MLT training program before being eligible to write the CSMLS certification exam, you may wish to pursue an alternative career path.

It is important to remember to contact the SSMLT if you have any questions or need clarification at any point in the above process. The SSMLT understands that English may not be your primary language and may be able to answer your questions and better understand the documents you will be reading in this process.